Thursday, March 14, 2013

Patience and tolerance in short supply-2

Then when I reach my train station, you never know what will go wrong from track conditions to equipment problems, so it is not only the road traffic that tests my patient and tolerance but the public transport system as well. Then getting on the crowded train and then riding the train which is rarely a smooth ride with fits and stops on the way tests my patience. I know it is all the technical things and the unforeseen circumstances but it is very rare that I have ever had a smooth ride. It is not just work transportation but I am sure there are certain instances like standing in lines for hours just to get your turn because one person has started to ask some question about a product or just happen to have many products in his/her cart. Another of my losing my patience and amount of tolerance that I can bear is the internet. Sometimes when I click on a website and it takes eternity (to me) to load and that really makes me angry and I just exit out of the internet only to log back again or go to another site. They say that computers are faster than humans but when I click on a website I want it to be loaded faster but sometimes it does not and that drives my level of the subject to low levels. I guess even if you have a lot of patience and tolerance you will never be able to have complete control on your emotions and lose your cool one time or the other.

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