Monday, March 11, 2013

Not in front of the kids

Every parent in the world wants to raise their children the right way. By right way mean that all the basis good human qualities like telling the truth, don’t steal, don’t hurt other people's feeling or hurt somebody weaker than you, respect your elders, work hard etc. But when you become parents or even if you are not, you as an adult have to make sure not to say certain things in front of kids. This I am saying from personal experience. There are many moments in life that even if you don’t want to be angry, you are unable to control yourself and say something without realizing that you may have said it in front of your kid, relative's kid or some stranger and then you look like a fool and trying to apologize and say that the kid should not say that thing because it is bad. You may think that they will learn to filter out the good with the bad but that is not the case since the kids look up to their elders for guidance and not have the capacity to decipher the good words/deeds with the bad. It is up to the adults to guide them to the right path and that includes trying to say things which may not reflect badly on the adults when you say bad words or do bad things. I know it is a very hard part but you need to have self control if you want your kids or any other kids to treat you with respect and don’t tarnish your reputation by copying you with whatever you have said good or bad. This is the forbidden code that is universal in every culture, nation, religion and tradition that you need to behave in front of the kids.

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