Thursday, March 14, 2013

Patience and tolerance in short supply

It's me and you and you and everybody in between is afflicted with this disease. And sometimes it goes on throughout your life. When you are little, you want everything uttered out of your tiny mouth to be fulfilled right away and if it does not, you throw tantrums to get what you want (if you can get away with it). When you become a teenager, you sometimes don’t have time for your parents and easily get upset if something is done instantly and when you become adult, then you have no patience and tolerance for incompetency and laziness and delays that are all around you. You become irritated and annoyed at the delay in traffic, public transport, holding on to the customer service phone calls, standing in check out lines, looking for a parking space and on and on. I was always the kind of person who have little tolerance and patience when it comes to the sheer stupidity of some of our fellow human beings. You can say that I can also be in the same bunch and perceived as such when it comes to the subject. But back to the focus on me, I have little tolerance of people who are driving at snail’s pace on the side of the road which should be the fastest and then they block the whole road in front of them which more often than not looks empty. I believe that it makes everybody mad and you lose your patience at the particular moment.

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