Monday, March 11, 2013

The cute things that kids say and do

While on the topic of kids, as I said before you need to be careful what you say or do in front of the kids. Now you can see what kind of cute things the kids say and do. Parents go crazy when their kids do the cutest stuff which may or may not seem to be cute to others and they try to boast it in front of other parents. If you happen to be in gathering, most of the parents never get tired of describing the achievement their kids accomplish in their school days. But the babies and little kids do some of the cutest things when they are unable to speak and it is this innocent ability of them to communicate illuminates the households throughout the world. You may have seen how some parents want to capture every moment of their kids when they are little to cherish these memories when they grow up. And since every kid is unique, you should see how each kid try to say and do things according to what he/she see around him and even if they don’t seem to be cute, the way these innocent kids react to their surroundings makes your heart melt full of joy. It is also truly amazing how each kids has its own language and the way to relay it to the outside world and how they feel so happy doing some of the most absurd things. I still have the video of my daughter when she was little and enjoy it so much whenever I have the time to watch it and during the course of the years have adapted some of her language she use to say when she was little. And I do know that other parents follow the same things as I do.

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