Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Degrees of elitism

Recently a company in the U.S. has unofficially implemented a policy or so they say whereby the applicants to the company with degrees from elite institutions are given preference over state and public and not other lesser know private college graduates. I know every company has its own policy about how to recruit the best people and I also know that most but not all people from elite institutions are smart but does anybody believe that all the other non-elite colleges have less smart people. Maybe it can that they did not have the money or they were not accepted due to reasons other than financial or academic. There is a thing called street smart and book smart. You need to be both in order to survive right now but the street smart people may be more in tune with market trends than the elite school graduates. Ok, I am not from an elite school but I don’t think of myself any less than those elite graduates since I may not have been given an opportunity to work in some top areas or maybe the issue was that people may be seeing what they have in front of them without trying me out for a longer time. Whatever the case, just to concentrate on elite graduates may let some businesses miss out so some great graduates in some other places. You know that some of the top companies have CEO who dropped out of school, so that means that we should not try them out. Maybe they have an idea which has not been tried yet. Sometimes it just happens that people in the confinement of an institution become too complacent since they don’t have to be creative (unless they have some financial stake in it). So companies don’t count the smart people who are outside the elite sector of the university system out.

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