Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saving money in different ways

I know for sure that everybody has tried to save some money in their lives. Maybe it is from their paycheck or from your grocery or shopping lists; saving money is a near universal practice that is found everywhere. When you are on a limited income, that kind of saving money becomes crucial. You try to stretch your money in whatever possible way you can. You may have witnessed this on television where the coupon craze and extremely cheap ways people to go to save a buck or two. For the college student it just becomes more necessity since they are already on a limited budget with books, board and tuition and thus wants to save money where ever they can by offering various kinds of services for a fee. They buy used books whenever they can, even renting text books and copying relevant chapters of the text book that the professor prescribed so that they don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars in text books which may become obsolete after their semester is done due to a new edition. You really have to see how creative the students become once they are confronted with a tight budget. The same goes with household budgets, you really have to look for real deals in the newspapers and shop ads in order to save money and with that money buy some other stuff. I do that all the time, the weekly ads in the newspapers and on the internet is a great way to find good deals and if a really great one comes along (I know this since I have one supermarket near my house on which I know when the steal deal will come and I pounce on it as soon as I see it) you don’t have to even think about if you have that stuff or not, you just get it and store it for future use.

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