Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are women still the weaker sex?-2

Take for example, women have become astronauts and going out in space and recently the U.S. military has allowed women in combat roles (although some people are not comfortable with it but that is another story). Women based on necessity have been creating a lot of businesses and faster than men in some cases. Also notice that there are more female students in colleges than men (although you can also say that there are more women in population). You can name any field and you will find women even in small numbers putting their feminine imprint on all fields. The biggest decision making that have a greater influence on the nation's economy is that they are holding the financial purse of their households and taking control of their families lives. I can also say that due to the internet, they are increasing asserting their power across all areas and becoming more confident of what they can achieve. During the recent ongoing recession, women have become the bread winner of their families. Although I can understand that some men feel uncomfortable with women being the breadwinners but it is a fact that in today's economy it will be hard to run a household just on the salary of men and it has been realized by none other than women and they have successfully stepped up to the task. If you are still not convinced by my question, you can see that women after working in the office go home and cook and take care of their kids and husbands and still manage to come the next day to the office. So women are not the weaker sex but quite the opposite.

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