Monday, March 11, 2013

The kid in everybody

And another topic about kids, no not the kind you play with but the kind every person no matter what their age is has inside him/her. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, you become one when you are playing with your nieces, nephews or your little cousin or cousin's kids. It never seizes to amaze me how perfect stern and mature adults become kids once they see their little kids in play or their grandkids. Especially the grandparents really act like a little kid when there are playing games with their grandkids and never get tired of them. Same goes with the parents when they play with their little ones, talk with them in their language and just immerse themselves in their world. Apart from being around with kids, the adults like to indulge in things which they sometimes call “adult person toys". These toys can be collecting classic cars, stamps, and coins and maybe take their childhood toys and have them in their adult lives. Even if they don’t recognize adults having toys, you can just see that they want to have nice collection of clothes, shoes, books and feel right at home with them and seem to be happy around them. At this point, you can see the pride in their eyes about their collection and this reflects the body of a kid that is still stuck in them. This kid inside everybody does not go away with age but lingers on till they die since the part of childhood is the period that everybody never forgets when life was carefree and no responsibility was on the shoulders and these feelings are what everybody is trying to preserve and embody the rest of their lives.

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