Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reality vs. fiction in movies

I was watching a movie and I realized how the film makers stretch imagination and take liberty with their creative work to show how easy it is to rob a bank or break into a safe etc without realizing all the other unknown variables that can occur during the actual execution of the plan. Sometimes the movie shows how easy the robbers or criminal get away with their crimes with ease and show bumbling cops which is far from reality. But for some minds, it may be easy to get rich quick scheme that most of the times does not materialize in real life. The most things that I object to is how the cops are shown as sitting ducks for the criminal without realizing that art does not imitate real life most of the time. In some movies, cops are killed in numbers that are greatly exaggerated and the evil is shown to be more powerful than it is (I have dealt on this topic earlier). Even if a movie is based on some historical fact, the film makers take some liberty in the name of artistic freedom and entertainment to twist or bend some facts, which may be for more interesting but it does invite criticism from some people, but those people should realize that if the facts are shown to be distorted in some movies so they should see it as a movie because if it is not movie based loosely on some fact than it should be called a documentary. But still reality may be boring but the fiction in movies is what some people assume to be true and the film makers should point that out at the end of these movies.

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