Friday, March 15, 2013

Is it right to blame countries for their actions?

Yes and No, I am in conflict on this. On the yes side, the countries get blamed if they start to fight other countries but on the no side the people make up the countries and countries don’t have voices unless the people residing in band together and represent themselves as inhabitants of that country and then identify them as such and then people gang up on that person's countries because that is what the name is given to that country based on what the people have decided to name it. I know it is confusing but it is not that complicated. For my side, countries are not to blame but the people who represent it and who stand behind it are the main culprits but the poor country without any physical voice gets blamed for it. And since people of a certain place make up that country, the country gets blamed for everything if something happens around the world. For example some countries defy the norms of the world and go about doing things that cause concern to their neighbors and the world but it is not the country but the people residing there are to be blamed but since the people get their names from the countries where they are residing, the poor country is targeted for its policies, which in fact is made by people of that country. So my initial statement is that countries get blamed for the sins of its citizens.

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