Thursday, March 7, 2013

Greed destroys everything

If you see all around you, greed is everywhere. During the ongoing crisis, people have blamed the bankers for their greed in getting to the mess we are in. There is a particular show on television that chronicles the greed that people have got trouble because of it. Greed for money and material does not have a limit and it is universally practiced. No country or human being is immune to greed. And for greed, humans (and countries) would go to any extent including killing their own family members to get their hands on something substantial. And it is not a new phenomenon, as witnessed throughout history; greed has been a major factor in all civilizations. Greed is as ancient as mankind's existence and the greed is an ever growing business which has no boundaries and no morals and ethics. I chose this topic when I heard about a case that is pending in courts about a lottery ticket that a woman won a some big money and some people are suing her stating that they should get a share of that money because they had a pool from which the lotto ticket were brought. Now the lady insists that she bought one ticket out of that pool money and the other winning ticket from her own money. Now who knows how she distinguished between the two or is it just greed only court can decide but it is not the first case to be brought to the court due to greed.

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