Friday, March 29, 2013

Would you send your loved ones to the Nursing home?

Nope, not me, never in my lifetime, don’t even mention it, I would rather die, over my dead body. These are the things that come to mind when deciding on this heart wrenching decision. I know everybody have to make their own decision. But if it were up to people, I believe that they will never do it unless it is beyond your control. I mean if it is physically impossible to take care of your loved ones. For me even that circumstances, the thought never comes to my mind. I know there are people who will make this decision based on the physically impossibility of being with your loved ones all the time once they are incapable of handling themselves individually. This topic came to my mind while listening to some ads on the radio regarding some long term care facility and how the people who did it were quite satisfied with it. For me here is the case of not sending your loved ones to nursing homes, long term care facility or senior citizens facility (whatever you want to call them), when you were born , you were dependent on your parents for everything and can't function without them and now that they are in the same situation, you don’t get rid of them by putting them in a facility among strangers. Even if you have a sibling or some other person that you have blood relations and are supposed to take care of them, you don’t walk away from your responsibility just like that. What if you were in their shoes, would you want your loved ones to put you in the same facility that you are going to put them in. For me the answer is a big NO, for you follow your conscience.

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