Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is democracy overrated?-3

Perhaps the people have seen that what kind of chaos ensues when they have democracy so they opt for a dictator who has promised to deliver on their pledges. But I believe other thing is that whatever form of government one needs, the basic needs of the people should be met. People really don’t care about in which form of government they are in as long as they are being fed and their needs are taken care of. This is only true I believe in places where there has been no history of democracy and people are not used to being ask to give their opinion freely. And also there are forces that see democracy as a western concept and convince people not to participate in it as it is an alien concept to their culture. Other things I have noticed that democracy has not be explained fully or its benefits or flaws and it has just been copied from the West and that puts it in suspect with people with deep religious and cultural inclinations. Mostly democracy is a one way street where people choose their representatives and expect them to work according to what their elected officials have promised. These elected officials should know that the voters have entrusted them with responsibility and they should carry out their job fairly and honestly but this can only happen when the voters know what the issues are and held their elected officials accountable for things they do in the office. But this kind of democracy is usually absent in the Middle East and other countries who have half heartedly embraced it and the officials still behave they are in medieval times where they can order and it will not carry any repercussions. And this is what democracy means in those countries then they are better off with being without one.

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