Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two elections, two different reactions-2

It may also be that the Muslim brotherhood that have been doing excellent social work failed to do the inevitable and did not have a plan to solve the Egyptian economic crisis. Implementing Islamic laws when the people are finding it hard to feed themselves will never be a panacea for good government. They clearly outreached themselves and the people who had initially voted them into power started to rebel against them. But instead of solving the economy, they tried to stifle dissent and portray the opposition as remnants of the previous regime. Although military coup was not the solution but they were so much involved in their own world that they did not believe that a government elected by a majority could be toppled by the Military and then supported by the same people who had them elected first. Whatever was the reason, the new military government and the elections have been welcomed by everybody who wants to stay engaged with a government that does not want to impose Islamic laws or even if it does, first have to take care of the economy, where most of the Egyptians are barely surviving. Everybody seems to be happy that a threat of a so called Islamic government in their neighborhood but regardless of which government comes, the main issue will always remain how to improve the life of the citizens without entangling them in things which should be private matter. The Syrian elections are completely different matter as it has been denounced by the world community as illegitimate and a farce. Since I did not monitor the elections I don’t know if it is a farce or illegitimate.

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