Saturday, June 7, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Luray Caverns, Virginia-4

Since my wife was wearing a flip flop (and I was wearing an open ended sandal), my wife's flip flop broke. Since tried unsuccessfully to find some replacement but the store did not have any and we had to go downstairs in the cavern with a broken flip flop and a very upset woman. As we ventured into the caverns, we stood in awe of the magnificent and still forming cave patterns that cannot be described in words but only to be witnessed personally and up-close. Most of the cavern has moist walls and the guide told us not to touch them since they are wet and so is the floor in some places. It was lighted inside by artificial light and at different areas, there were individual guides telling us the history of that portion of the caverns. Thank GOD there was railing so that my wives was holding onto it and not get slipped with her broken flip flop. After a long winding and sometimes treacherous walk inside the caverns and also standing outside for an hour wait, we went to the nearby souvenirs shop to get some gifts from there and then headed towards our car. After that it was time to eat and we bought pizza to snack along the way back to the hotel. As usual I was tired but my wife and daughter went again back to the pool while I took a nap and at night ate our remaining food that we had brought with us. The next morning after eating our breakfast and checking out we headed back home and thankfully it was another smooth ride with no traffic in sight. We reached home around 5.00 o'clock in the evening and another successful trip wrapped up.

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