Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pakistan finally launches operation against Militants-2

I wrote that there was a little bit of surprise but since everybody was saying that an operation was imminent, the element of surprise was gone. Most of the militants according to the local population have gone to Afghanistan and what remains are the ones who are too stubborn will fight to the death. If you happen to venture into Pakistan, you will now find troops and other security agencies on high alert but people going about their business. The Taliban have already threatened to give a tough retaliatory response to this operation and Pakistan is bracing for this. And in some reports they have asked foreigners and multinational to leave as there are going to go after every governmental body. Since the world is already pre occupied with Iraq, they will let the Pak Army do the messy job of taking these people head on. But by now with all the space being given to the Taliban and its supporters, this terrorism will not end in just North Waziristan but with the sleeper cells in many cities, it is going to be bloody and tough fight. The government although have done their homework but the sympathizers and supports of the Taliban are everywhere in the country and this operations should be conducted with tracking down this network of support that have sustained this Taliban. Also there should be no distinction with pro Pakistan Taliban and anti state ones as they both have wreck havoc with the country. Only time will tell how this operation goes because as the government and Military has said the operation will go on till the elimination of terrorists and terrorism, so there is not time table on when it will end. Stay tuned.

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