Saturday, June 14, 2014

Survival of the minorities

You know that nowadays it is hard for some minorities to survive in their own countries where they were living peacefully for centuries. Due to scare jobs, bigotry, intolerance and just misguided propaganda, minorities are having a hard time surviving in countries where their ancestors have settled down. Mostly these minorities are vulnerable in countries which have weak governance and are mostly in third world countries. It is a shame that these minorities, be it the Shiites Hazaras, Christians and Hindus and Ahmadis in Pakistan, Muslim refugees in Myanmar and several ethnic minorities in African countries are facing a hard time living under the weak governments and they are choosing risking their lives by illegally immigrating to safer countries which are not even sure they will be able to make. But the power of saving ones lives is an overwhelming incentive for these minorities since they cannot see their lives and livelihood safe in their own native countries. It is a shame that minorities whom their native countries have sworn to protect are feeling so much insecure that they are leaving their ancestral land and heading to different countries with different cultures and religions. I know how hard it is build your life in a new country and these minorities have uprooted themselves since their native countries have either refused to protect them or are reluctant or just don’t care for their protection. But despite all odds these minorities are leaving their native countries and it seems that the native countries are not even persuading them to stay behind. Once these minorities leave, the only regret will be left to the countries who have failed to protect them as these minorities have and will work harder to achieve what they have lost and then some.

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