Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two elections, two different reactions-3

For sure the outcome of the election would have been a foregone conclusion as most of the country is under civil war and the elections could not have been conducted in those places. And with reportedly more than 160,000 people killed and several million fled into other countries, it is doubtful that the election would have claimed any kind of legitimacy. Also the remaining population had no choice but to vote for the incumbent regime as there was no alternative and their lot is tied to the survival of it. Though this election was an exercise in futility but the world has reacted with the same prediction since Syria has not been anybody's favorite from the start because of its association with Iran. But the West is also afraid to arm the rebels because they feel that the weapons may fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda inspired Jihadists who don’t care about killing anyone who does not agree with them. And if we don’t know for sure if the elections in Syria has been conducted fairly given all the circumstances, how can we be sure that the elections in Egypt is fair too. The results in Egypt and Syria has been accepted at face value and shown to support the regimes which had all the power to stir the votes towards them by intimidation, coercion, pressure and violent persuasion. Despite their elections, both cannot be called democracies as one man show prevails in both countries and we should call it as such and maybe realize that it is better to deal with one man governments than to face chaos in that part of the world.

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