Saturday, June 28, 2014

Elements of Surprise

Do you like surprises or do you freak out when there is a surprise? There are surprises where you feel excited and there are ones which you would not rather be surprised and still there are others where any surprise can bring victory or defeat to the parties involved. You get excited when you are given a surprise birthday party or a gift which you were not expecting and some kind of promotion which is least expected. Then you are surprised by the birth of your child since you were expecting a boy or a girl and you got either or even both and this surprises you more and worries come around regarding all the energy to be used in raising both at the same time. And then there are surprises that you find yourself into which are not pleasant and sometimes shocks you into a freeze and you don’t know what to do immediately to tackle this. Like finding out that you have some debilitating disease or finding your loved ones have a few months to live. Also finding out that suddenly your perfect life is not that perfect with cheating spouse and frauds and criminal behavior in one's family can be really heartbreaking surprises. Then there is the surprise you see in the battlefield where a little surprise or a bit of an unlikely maneuver by one army can turn the tidal of war into either victory or defeat. All these elements of surprises the sad ones and the happy ones are usually fairly common in the general public as no person will go against being happily surprised to get sick or disappointed at a surprise birthday party (although in the gift department the surprises will make someone disappointed).

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