Saturday, June 21, 2014

Father’s day

Father’s day is always a sad day for me since my father passed away five years ago. It is not the same without him and I don’t feel like enjoying or celebrating this day but I am now a father too so I have to celebrate it reluctantly. Anyway this year Father's day was on June 15, 2014 and we knew that something was being planned along the lines of having a lunch together with my in laws and we knew the place where we had to go but we were not that certain about the timing. Well we were fast asleep till 11.00 in the morning when my brother in law called to say that he is leaving by 12.00 and then started to scramble and reached at our destination around 1.20 P.M. but he was nowhere in sight and after waiting and calling him on the phone, we decided to go ahead and eat our appetizers and when we were done, he came around 2.00 P.M. with his family and in laws. As you know that Father's day is a special occasion for all dads so the restaurant was full with people with their families. Appetizers were good and the food consists of bread, white rice, grilled chicken, gravy chicken, goat meat, beef and some vegetable dishes. The food was good but I would not consider it exceptional that I would go out and recommend it. After that it was time for my favorite thing, dessert, ice cream and rice pudding. There was also tea there but since I am a coffee and soda person I stayed away from them. Then to keep it as a memory for years to come, we started to take group photos of each other. When that was done, we headed to our homes to pass the rest of the Sunday.

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