Saturday, June 7, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Luray Caverns, Virginia-3

If you drive from New Jersey which has the highest population density you would feel effects of open space the further you go away from the state. As I was driving past New Jersey I saw open spaces and when we reached Virginia, there was open space all around. And once I started driving towards the Luray caverns, the open spaces were obvious at first ascending and then descending towards the caverns. I like the open spaces as the rush of traffic gets to me and the greenery and mountainous areas were breathtaking. We took some pictures and reached the caverns to see the long lines and numerous cars in the parking area. I dropped my wife to get the tickets and she came back to tell me that it would be one hour before we reach the caverns. That was how long the line was in hot weather with sun blazing. We had no choice but to buy the tickets and stand in line. There a maze area nearby where you could go in and find yourself way out of the maze but it was not free and I was not in the mood to go there either. Another was a museum nearby where they showcased the history of the caverns and of the Shenandoah Valley, no interest here either. I just wanted to go inside the caverns and it really took us an hour just to reach the shade area of the entrance. We asked a couple to take a picture of our family and they asked us to do the same for them.

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