Saturday, June 7, 2014

The return of the soldier

Recently the last remaining American soldier held in captivity was released by the Taliban to U.S. custody after five years. Initially a celebration of sorts for the released soldier has now come back to haunt the U.S. administration as accusations have started to fly in various directions. I believe it was supposed to be a celebration and a cause of happiness that the U.S. does not leave its military personnel behind in times of war. But now with his fellow soldiers accusing him of desertion and the Republicans calling the deal to release 5 dangerous Taliban from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba in exchange for the soldier has set a dangerous precedent according to them. And although I believe that he is innocent until proven otherwise but all these accusations disturb me a lot. Although it is a good sign that we got our soldier back but are we negotiating with terrorists to get our man back? This is the question that is disturbing. Does this deal gives an incentive the various groups opposed to the U.S. to go and capture some soldier and then wait for the U.S. to give them some incentive to in exchange for that release? And if the charges are true regarding his desertion or cowardice they should be fully investigated as this is one rare time that the release of soldier from captivity is not being hailed as an achievement but a mockery of bravery. He is now not been treated as a hero but as a villain. I hope that this situation clears up fast enough so that we can move to other important issues otherwise this mess of a situation does not bode well for future prisoners of war (I HOPE NOT).

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