Saturday, June 14, 2014

Different rules for different groups

The so called war on terror is not going that great lately as myriad groups of people are terrorizing weak states in their quest to bring their own version of the so called revolution. Most of these groups are in Islamic nations fighting the government whom they believe are either too close to the west or are not Islamic enough. But in their zeal to overthrow the incumbent regimes, everybody has become a fair target as children, women and old people are killed mercilessly and the so called moderate Muslims keep quiet or just look the other way. This article is not about Muslims against Muslims but about how there are different rules of engagement for different groups of people. The insurgents or militants don’t play by any rules and their impact is to create a regime for themselves and in this regard they kill soft targets who are not combatants in the conflict. While the forces fighting these militants (or whatever you can call them) have their hands tied by trying to avoid civilian casualties and at the same time trying to fight these militants. If the armies don’t have these kinds of restraints put on them then there is no way that these militants can succeed since they don’t have the advance power that regular armies have. So the militants can do whatever they want and thus create terror among local population while the Military has to tackle on two fronts. But still with these constraints in place, the military still win with better intelligence coordination and cutting off terror funding. Even playing with different set of rules, the good guys can win over the bad ones; you just need discipline, focus, determination, patience and prayers.

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