Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is democracy overrated?

Just to make it clear, I not against democracy since I live in a democratic society and I believe in it but as with the rest of the systems prevailing around the world, democracy is the invention of human beings. The democracy which is being practiced in the West and in many other countries have been evolved over decades and sometimes centuries. Democracy of what I understand is one vote, one person so that every body's opinion is supposedly counted in the decision who is going to govern and have a say in the daily affairs of the citizens. This can be ideal if every citizen is educated and knows his or her rights and can defend it through a ballot box or go to their elected official to address their grievances. And on the opposite side, the elected officials are receptive to their constituents and do help in alleviating whatever problems they are facing. But as I said above it is fine with well established democracies or people who believe in one and have positive views of it. But what if the people who have never experienced one and have experienced it but in seriously flawed way that they think that dictatorship or some form thereof is better than an alien concept thrust over them. If you see in the Middle East today and some other countries, democracy has been used as tool to rule over people without any accountability and without any improvement in the lives of people. And they are being fed again and again that democracy is great but they meet their constituents only when they need their votes come election time.

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