Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two elections, two different reactions

It is good to read other countries' newspaper and their analyses since it shows what other people are thinking and I came about an article regarding the recent two elections held in two Arab countries. One was in Syria and one was in Egypt. But the reactions for both the elections were different. Although both were held under duress since both are under two strongman but the world does not see it that way. The article was about how the world is reacting to both of them which although are similar in their dubious nature of how they were conducted but the results were a foregone conclusion but the world is siding with one while denouncing the second one. My analysis will be based on the article I read and my own observation. It is no way to reflect on my support for either regime as I try to give my own unbiased opinion on the situation in both countries. Lets start with Egypt, the election there were held recently the former military general who staged a coup (let’s call it what it is and not sugar coat words) was elected with almost 96 percent of the votes. And congratulations have started to pour in from Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations who are happy to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood who held power before them and were seen as a threat to the Arab autocratic governments in the region. Maybe it is because Muslim brotherhood was too radical for other Arabs to digest or on the face of it with all the noise of Islam; it is hard to implement a true one in reality.

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