Saturday, June 7, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Luray Caverns, Virginia-2

Near our hotel, we stopped by to get the gas and get ice cream and then went to the hotel which was about 30 miles from Luray caverns. On the way we passed through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and then to Virginia. Our hotel was near a busy highway long Route 81 and was called Hampton ® Inn. We check in the hotel and after putting our belongings down, I was in no mood to go anywhere and since we had brought our own food, we ate some and I went to take a quick nap and my wife and daughter went to take a look at the pool area. We had not planned anything for the first day as the Caverns were open from 9.00 in the morning so we were supposed to go on Sunday. The first day went by relaxing and the room was not that bad either. We were supposed to stay till Monday so it was just fine with us in that hotel. Since the breakfast was on the house, we ventured down to get our share of it and there was rush in the eating area as the hotel was full as per the receptionist. Well after eating our breakfast, we got a discount coupon from the lobby. It was buy one and get the second one at half price so it was pretty good for us. It was around twelve o'clock that we started to drive to the caverns about 31 miles from our hotel. It was a nice and sunny day. Traffic was extremely light so we had a smooth ride towards the caverns.

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