Saturday, June 14, 2014

The terrorists attack at Karachi Airport, Pakistan

Last Sunday, the biggest and busiest airport in the Nuclear Armed Pakistan came from heavily armed terrorists. There are 10 to 12 terrorists who came in a pickup truck wearing fake IDs and fake Police clothes and started firing inside the airport which damaged some planes. Since the police was no match for the heavily armed and determined terrorists, Pakistan military had to be called in with its elite commandos involved in flushing out the terrorists. All in all more than 20 people were killed including all the terrorists. The Taliban has now claimed responsibility saying that it is in retaliation to the drone attacks carried by the U.S. which killed their leader. This really exposes the gaping security holes in that country's infrastructure and the image of Pakistan as an insecure state will increase and for sometimes the foreign investment will be hesitant to invest and the remaining one will think twice before investing there. Whatever few airlines there are operating are the ones who are willing to take the risk to fly there since the Western airlines don’t fly there due to security concerns. With a plethora of intelligence agencies where was all the intelligence that should have come to prevent this kind of attack. And even if there were reports, it would not have made any difference since the security agencies don’t have the heart to fight against these well determined people. How can you invite foreign investors into a country where the first experience they will get is an airport in siege? I know that it is just a handful of people but they have paralyzed the whole country.

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