Saturday, June 28, 2014

Memories of childhood

Every grown person has memories of his childhood when life was carefree and your parents took care of everything. You did not have any worries in the world as your worries were outsourced to your parents and if you happen to have older siblings to them to take care of you and feed you and keep you safe from harm. If you ask most of the adult people, they would gladly say that their childhood was the best times of their lives ( I am saying most since there will be people who will have bad memories which I will not elaborate). As with most people I also have fond memories of my childhood and how do you define one, I will say in my case it was below years of my life as that was the best one I can remember vividly and wished it lasted longer in terms of how I enjoyed it (as I believe most of the people will agree with me on this). I used to live in Hong Kong long time ago for one year and a half (I wish it was more than that) when my Father was transferred there for a job and it was so much fun as I used to go international school and in the evening when I used to pick up my father my first habit was to buy miniature toy cars every day from a toy store in his office building. I also remember buying my favorite Cadbury® candy and traveling on a double Decker bus. It was a time when the British ruled the colony so it was as carefree as it can it can get ( I don’t know how it is now but the way I see it in the movies it looks just the same with more technology and more hustle bustle I believe).

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