Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pakistan finally launches operation against Militants

Although it was long being demanded by the U.S. to dismantle terrorists’ safe havens in the North Waziristan agency in the Pakistan's northwest. Pakistan finally launched a ground assault on the area roughly the size of Connecticut few days ago and it came as a surprise to most political parties there. Although there were talks of conducting one but the talks that were being conducted from both sides were not seen as going anywhere. And the final straw came when the militants attacked the country's biggest airport in the biggest city of the country which nudged the country to conduct this operation. The military was always dead set against any talks with the Taliban militants but had to defer it to the government in this case because they trying to support this fruitless endeavor by an regime that was scared of the blowback in case of the assault on the Taliban and other worldwide militants holed up in the lawless northwest. It was also reluctance by the military when they were asked to eliminate the North Waziristan safe havens since the Haqqani Network was a so called strategic asset of the Pakistan Army where they were at war with the state but were busy fighting the U.S. in neighboring Afghanistan. And I am not sure if they will even eliminate this threat. The rumors of the operation were so loud for a long time that most of the militants just decided that they will move to Afghanistan for a while and when the dust settles will come back. So the effectiveness of the operations is also in question.

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