Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beauty Parlors

While driving through one of the small towns in New Jersey on the way back to my house, I saw some women sitting in beauty parlor waiting for their turn on the seat for the ritual of getting their nails or hairs done and I started to think about how much women take care of them at any age. I know that as a male I would not understand or even qualified to discuss this matter but just for curiosity sake I will discuss it anyway. I went two times actually to a more expensive barber with both male and female clientele and even at early hours, there were older women sitting in the chair getting their hair washed and get it done and even after that they were making appointments in the future and you know that it is not cheap for female hairs to be done in a certain way. It is not only the hair but the manicure and pedicure, in other words taking care of their nails by sitting practically for hours is another one of the big business that is mushrooming everywhere. Recently a new nail salon are opened up in my town which already had two in a short driving distance that I know of. Everywhere you see there is a line of women sitting waiting for your turn and some have appointments specifically to go to these places. I guess it is a profitable and recession proof business as females wants to look good always and especially during the recession. And I guess you may be right that I still don’t get this spending huge sums of money on things which can you do at home if you want to.

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