Saturday, June 14, 2014

A nice day at the Park

This past Sunday, the weather was good and we were babysitting for my wife's niece and we decided that rather than sit at home, why not go for a stroll in the park and let the children (my daughter and wife's niece) run for a while in fresh air for a change. We reached the park which was a short drive from our town, since our town has no noticeable park so we have to drive to nearby parks to enjoy the open air and space. After reaching there, we had a small ball so we let out the kids to play. We came at around six in the evening at which time; the park seemed to be not that crowded. Some of the kids were biking and the moms just sitting or jogging with them and there were too little kids football team practicing. We sat down and let the kids play with the ball but my wife's niece who is around two years old was more interested in catching the birds or running after them. But besides this main activity, she was still running around, while my daughter decided to talk a one and half long walk across the park which if see from where we were sitting look too intimidating to walk for us. The kids did not wanted to leave especially my wife's niece since she was too much involved in chasing birds in the park, but as it was getting a little darker and a close time to dinner and there was nothing in the house to eat and we had to order from outside, it was time to say goodbye to the park for another day and we headed back home happy and satisfied over our venture for a few hours at the park.

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