Saturday, June 7, 2014

The cloud we should be all on

Recently my computer had been acting up and before it died on me, I decided to transfer some of my more important and ultimately irreplaceable files to the cloud. So what is a cloud? Simply put my files are not on my hard drive but on other companies servers and if I lose my computer I can still be able to access my files stored on cloud on their servers. In fact I don’t need to have my computer with its hard drive physically located in one place because with cloud computing I can access my files stored there from any place in the world. Although this is a recent trend but it is a phenomenal one too. And I have just started to store my stuff on it and it is not only in one storage company as there are many out there which will give you a few Gigabytes of memory for free to store you stuff in the hopes that you will want more and then they can be able to charge you for that. And since I have registered with two companies, I just wanted to make sure that I remain diversified and not rely on my company for all my storage needs. But it is only for small storage needs so that I don’t go over the free limit. But if my needs arise I may go for the cloud and store my stuff there as you never know when one's computer act up and all your files in your hard drives get corrupted. I will also be teaching my daughter how to store her stuff in the cloud and if you have not heard about it, just check it in one of the search engines and try it out, I know that you would not be disappointed.

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