Saturday, June 7, 2014

What GOD makes cannot be replaced-2

The same thing happens when the scientists and environmentalists lament the disappearance of endangered species because there are no way the humans can recreate them and once they are lost, they are lost forever. And the same thing happens when we have a drought and we are struggling to get enough water to feed our farms, families and other needs because despite all the advancement, the water remains one of the several elusive things that the human beings cannot recreate. All the things that GOD made has not be replicated down to the single nerve cell or even the non human forms and this is what sometimes frustrates human beings that they are so much restrained in duplicating natural things that should looked to seemingly easy to replicated. I was just thinking about the minute of things like the crown or implant that the dentists try to implant in your mouth. Even this minute thing is not made exactly as the original one as you are cautioned to be careful for the rest of your life not to chew sticky things. And the above examples are just a little batch of things that the humans are unable to recreate and will never be and so we are reduced to recreating an extremely flawed and artificial version of the original things and that too on a small scale as rain, harnessing energy and many other things remain elusive and out of our grasp. We are still trying to understand how things work and the more we study the more we scratch our heads and stumble in our quest to create the perfect duplicate of what GOD has made and we are nowhere near it or can never be near it.

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