Saturday, June 14, 2014

The terrorists attack at Karachi Airport, Pakistan-2

Perception is everything and the first thing you see that an airport of a country that is trying to woe investors to invest in that country and offering all kind of incentives is under siege from terrorists, no amount of incentive will make anybody come there since the fear of getting killed triumphs any incentives whatsoever. If the Pakistani investors and people increasingly feel insecure in their homes and outside, how can expect foreigners to visit that country. Most of the international deals are being signed in Dubai and other places outside Pakistan. Minorities are increasingly being targeted and even Muslim minorities are not being spared. You can cry hoarse about the progressiveness of a country by staging fashion shows and movies against the Taliban but the perception is that Pakistan is supporting them and now they have come to bite them back since they believe that Pakistan government is allied with the West and they want to impose their own version of sharia (or Islamic Law) in the country by violent means. Is the government up to the task to tackle this menace? By the looks of things, they are not ready to fight to the death and that is what scares the western countries and the other countries around them. The government is scared of Taliban and they don’t have the resolve to fight them on any front. And that is what is dragging this country to an extremist point where only the Army if it decides to fight will be able to fight to the finish and if they need help they should not be hesitant to ask for it. For if this menace gets out of the country, and then you can well imagine the response of the international community will be.

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