Saturday, June 7, 2014

What GOD makes cannot be replaced

Another trip to the dentist (yes this year it is ongoing, since I cannot take this procrastination and avoiding it anymore). Sitting there on the chair and watching TV, my nerves numb with Novacane and the other anesthesia injected into my nerves so that I don’t feel the pain, I was just thinking that how we try to recreate implants and crowns and bridges in our teeth and how we make sure they are as good as the original, but no one can guarantee that it would be as good as before. But as humans try to recreate the originality of what GOD has created they have not come as near to the original as they can. That is why we have the artificiality of everything to make our appearance or our pain look better. Some people like to have implants and some want to have a crown to make your damaged tooth feel like new but anytime you chew something hard you can be rest assured that your artificial or manmade implant or crown will come off. No matter how strong the material is you apply with the artificial teeth, it would someday come off naturally or by accident like some hard stuff that you have chewed that you think can withstand the artificial teeth glue material. And the same goes for the species that are sometimes lost forever due to natural or manmade events. If you see different wounded soldiers or ordinary persons working with artificial or robotic limbs trying to recreate what nature gave them originally, they are successful to a point as it is just made by humans and can have defects.

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