Saturday, June 28, 2014

Memories of childhood-2

Since my dad's office used to receive lots of mails from outside Hong Kong and my dad was the manager there so all the staff had instructions to peel off the stamps and keep it for me so that I could add to my collection. And there were little parties and beach excursions as the staff of the branch use to invite my family. Then there was the clientele which was very diverse who became close friends and invited us into their homes and other parties. I loved to go to Kowloon on a boat with our car parked on it so that when we reached there, we would drive it in the territory which as across Hong Kong Harbor. Then I remember the typhoons which used to sometimes seem like swaying the building to and fro. And again my favorite part was to wear my rain coat and stand in the back yard of the apartment and enjoy the rain coming down. Among several favorites habit of mine was at night I used to check the weather to find out if it is going to be sunny or rainy so as to dress accordingly and I have carried this habit through the years without fail. I am addicted to Ice cream and at a small age in Hong Kong I loved the music on the Ice Cream and sometimes I used to go down with my Dad to purchase Ice cream. Other thing that I was naughty about was we used to live on the third floor of the building which was I believe more than 20 stories tall. So every day coming back from school I used to push my floor button and then when getting out I used to push the rest of the floor buttons. I know I was bad.

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