Saturday, June 28, 2014

Memories of childhood-3

Then I remember we moved to another building where we had our apartment on the 16th floor but I don’t remember if I pushed elevator buttons there or not. I developed a habit that on Sunday when everybody was asleep I used to get up and in my pajamas go to the living up and turn up the television to watch Chinese Martial Arts movies. It was really fun and to this day I still love martial arts movies although I don’t get up as early to watch them with the entire internet available now. These memories will linger will me for the rest of my life. As our stay in Hong Kong was cut short by some shenanigans in my dad's head office, we returned home but the memories does not end there as I sometimes used to watch movies in the cinema with my dad who was not a movie person to begin with but for my sake he went with me in some movies. I miss those times and the memories I have will never fade away from me as they are as vivid as the day I experienced. I just wish I could have remembered some more especially during my time in Hong Kong. And it was really fun to be with my father in that trip as it is now ingrained in my mind and surely if my father was alive he would have told me more things that I did at that time. And I believe that many people have some particular time in their childhood which they remember vividly wherever they are. Childhood memories are the best.

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