Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is democracy overrated?-2

The glaring example of not to impose western style democracy is in the Middle East. When the U.S. invaded Iraq in the guise of search for WMD (weapons of mass destruction) which former President of Iraq was iffy about it, this was just supposed to secure them and when the U.S. could not find them then the narrative changed into Iraq becoming a beacon of democracy in an area not known to have one. Now after ten years and spending almost a Trillion dollars of U.S. tax payer’s money, where are we in Iraq. True we had elections but the country is being torn apart by ethnic and sectarian strife and the U.S. is trying to save Iraq from itself. Democracy was also tried during the Arab spring but what we have is back to the old days with Egypt after experiencing some sort of democracy only to be squandered by incompetency and other issues is back to being a semi democracy of what I can call Middle East Democracy. Middle East democracy is when a so called ruler stages an election and there are no or insignificant opposition to show that they have competition and then when the election results come, the incumbent has won election by more than 90 percent in some cases. This results shows their own public that how popular they are and the world that an election was held. And everybody knows that how much intimidation and coercion was used in these elections, yet these elections are given an example of western democracy when it is not.

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