Friday, July 4, 2014

The remarkable success of Israel and its people

This article is just a small attempt on my part to analyze how a small nation of around nine million people have an outsized effect on the world history today. It is rather small country with equal population to New York City with a small area but with a very advanced economy. I am not here to support of Israel as a nation as it is not my job as a blogger to give my opinion to it as some people will say that. My point here is to analyze what a small nation can do if it puts their mind to it and prosper. You can also say it about Taiwan to and other small nation states like Singapore also. But Israel is surrounded by enemies who fantasize about destroying it on paper only. But despite all the threats Israel gets from time to time and is virtually in a state of war since its inception, it and its people are thriving not only in Israel but around the world. I had a glimpse of a documentary about Israel and also read news about it and it is remarkable that in the midst of all the unrest they are in, they still have good time, party late at night, have a remarkable thriving tech industry. The startup culture that is there is considered by some as the best in the world. The Arms industry is also top notch. To be fair, Israel got a lot of help from the U.S. initially but as mature nation it has developed its own industry and is thriving economically and militarily.

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