Friday, July 4, 2014

The remarkable success of Israel and its people-2

And there are also other countries that got tremendous help from the U.S. but they squandered it while Israel has thrived. I am not going to go into the historical annexation/occupation of the Palestinian territories as it part of another topic sometime in the future. For now my point is just to say that despite being surrounded by enemies and always in a state of war readiness, Israel has become a developed country which has a democratic system of government. Despite all the turmoil that is happening in the Middle East right now, it seems that Israel is not worried as it is confident of defending itself since it has a very capable and the most powerful military in the Middle East. Israelis have won many Nobel prizes in sciences and as a Jewish state cares about what happens to Jewish people around the world. They have granted automatically Israeli citizen to every Jewish and they are all welcome to that country. You have to really go Israel in order to find out how they live and thrive under the turmoil of their neighborhood but even if you don’t go. You can just read and watch what is really happening in Israel and how fast it is growing technologically advanced while its enemies are seeming trying to destroy each other instead of making something out of the country or give a better life to their citizens. I am not just praising Israel just for praising it but if you work hard you can achieve anything and help from friends go a long way if you know how to utilize that help.

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