Friday, July 4, 2014

Once again, the U.S. takes the lead

As the current unfolding situation takes hold in Iraq, guess who has been in the forefront of trying to stop the unraveling of the country. Okay Iran has offered weapons and have reportedly send some people to that country and Russia has also supplied some military jets to it. But it was the U.S. who has sound the most alarm. To be fair and before everybody jumps on this, I whole heartedly agree that it was a mess that the U.S. created and left for leaving sake knowing well the history of animosity between the different sectarian and ethnic sects. So it was logical that the U.S. takes a lead in trying to contain the situation. But I believe it is in the best interest for all peace loving nations and big powers to come to the rescue of Iraq and try to contain the situation before it is too later for the neighborhood and the larger world. But I don’t see any of the major powers like Britain, France and the aspiring to be world powers like India and China too much worried about the unrest in Iraq. They are happy to let the U.S. worry about that mess that was created by it and they know that sooner or later the U.S. will be able to contain it. And what about some other crises that is not of the U.S. making? How would the big powers respond to it then? This is the thing the world has to ponder. What if the U.S. stop becoming the worlds' Policeman and let other powers do their own carry weight in their neighborhoods? And it is time that the U.S. also start every situation as a national security threat. We don’t have the money or the forces enough to be everywhere in the world. We should only lead when absolutely necessary and let others pay for our services too.

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  1. they are least concerned about loss of life,US was the one who funded and gave iraqis a go ahead on using mustard gas upon iranians,they don t care about democracy or people's freedom they just want their hegemony to remain undisturbed no matter if they have to use Nuclear weapons or chemical weapons to achieve that. morality for them doesn't matter..