Saturday, August 2, 2014

Soccer World Cup-2014

I did not watch any of the world cup games but was keeping up to date on the scores as the tournament went along. It has been an up and down game as the world's favorite team Brazil did not play up to par with its talent and was completely annihilated by Germany 7-1 in a game that was way too one sided to even think that Brazil was even playing. And the next thing happen was Brazil got demolished again for the third place by the Belgians by 3 goals to zero. And the final was a beauty as a world class German team battled it out with the Argentineans' who wanted so badly to win the world after waiting for a long time but were humbled in extra time by the substitute German player and the game ended with the world champions Germany finally getting their due and respect of playing a world class tournament. All in a good tournament with the only exception that Brazil disappointed a lot of people around the world. So a big congratulations to the German team and German nation.

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  1. it was netherland that defeated brazil for the third spot...brazilian team looked weakened by neymar's ouster due to injury