Saturday, August 23, 2014

All is fair in Jihad?

The word Jihad has been thrown around so much lately that the true meaning of it has been blurred as Jihad has come to symbolize anything that relates to killing another human being. It has been used so much by the Muslims that the non Muslims just believe that anybody can stand up and declare Jihad without any basis or reasons behind the claim. And I am angry and getting tired by the utter silence of the Muslim religious cleric who have failed to define the meaning of the Jihad to the world and what is the right and the wrong kind of interpretation for it. Although I will not explain the whole essence of Jihad in this article as you read it on the internet in various forms but I will only discuss some of the forms of Jihad and not everybody can claim Jihad and fight for it. Nowadays the only kind of Jihad that has gained wide spread popularity (or notoriety whichever you want to see it ) is about killing human beings. But there is another form of Jihad that is internal and for which hundreds of Millions of Muslims do it every day silently. This they do when they try to do good deeds, help other people and raise their voice against oppression and other injustices and also when they try to suppress their arrogance and ego and pride and face down temptation of the world. Also the type of prevalent Jihad does not discriminate against children and women which is totally against the tenets of Islam. There are certain rules to combat and despite some mute voices heard in the Muslim world, most of the Muslims just keep on going on with their lives and don’t care or are ignorant about the laws governing combat and war.

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