Saturday, August 23, 2014

My literal nightmarish experience at a valet parking-3

Although the valet people lost the keys to the car but in addition to that we had the house keys attached to it. The valet people kept saying that they have never encountered such a situation before but there is always a first and this was it. We negotiated with the manager that not only the keys to the car be made right there but also when we reach home, some locksmith should be there to break the lock and install a new one for the house door. After waiting for more than half an hour the locksmith came. He had a fully equipped car with him and he immediately started to work on making a new one for the car. My uncle and my family were so tired by that time that the passing of time was a non issue at that time. The locksmith finished making the key by 2.35 a.m. and then he said that the programming of the key would take another half an hour. We asked him if we can use the duplicate keys that we have in the house and he said that since he has reprogrammed the keys, those duplicate keys were useless. Well after the reprogramming was done and the key tested, we let the lot at around 3.30 a.m and dropped my father in laws younger brother to his house and then went home exhausted and when we reached there the locksmith was already there, he broke open the door and installed new locks as the manager of the valet parking has agreed to it. After the locksmith left at around 5.15 a.m, we entered the house and went to sleep exhausted at around 6.00 a.m. Lesson learnt in all this situation, never will I ever trust valet parking and if there is one I will either ride with them to get the keys back or wait for them to bring me the keys so that the keys are always with me. Although I am sure many people have good memories of valet parking but for me it is once bitten twice shy kind of situation and one of thing as I was so much pissed off at the valet guys, there was no use giving them any tip since I essentially was doing their job. So no service no tip.

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