Saturday, August 23, 2014

My literal nightmarish experience at a valet parking

Recently I happen to attend one of my in laws wedding event in Long Island, New York. As we arrived at the hall, I handed over my keys to the valet parking guys who gave me a ticket to show to them on the way out when I have attended the event. The event was fanciful with good food and dancing but I will not be explaining the whole event in here as the actual nightmare literally started out when we exited the event. When I exited with my family I handed over my ticket to one of the valet guys as there were numerous running and fetching the cars for the customers in the hopes of getting a tip. I had also made my tip ready so that I can also get my car and hand him over the tip, After a while the guy came back and said that did I ever hand him over the keys and I said yes. Slowly the lot was starting to look deserted and the guy came back and said that he could not locate the car and if I would also look for the car. I started to panic but went to the back lot of the hall which was not that highly lit at around 1.00 A.m in the morning. After a thorough search I found my car in another dim area of the lot without lock and then I went to the valet guy to tell him that I found the car and amusingly he said the same thing, Then another issue came up that they were unable to find the keys and I was highly pissed but kept my patience with them as I wanted to get out of that place as soon as possible.

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