Saturday, August 23, 2014

My literal nightmarish experience at a valet parking-2

We and the valet guys started to look for the keys in the dark of night and although there are lights throughout the lot but it could not compensate for the sun light. We kept on searching and in the meanwhile one of the valet guys told us that one of the employees had to go early and catch the train and he could have possibly inadvertently kept the keys with him so he was contacted by to no avail as he was not to pick up his cell phone. As time was passing fast without any luck, the valet guys contacted the manager for further advice and he suggested that we should leave the car there and when the key is found in a day or two, he will send the car to our place. I was not taking any of that as we live in New Jersey and we told the manager that we will want the car right now and he should make arrangements with a lock smith to come and make us a new key. After a bickering for a few minutes he agreed to it and in the meanwhile we contacted the police to report the lost keys. Luckily the police was just making the rounds on that road where the lot was located and he got the call from the dispatch to see to it. After getting all the information including my license number and registration, he told us that is as far as he can do to help us as the case number will help in case we were going to the insurance company for the claim.

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