Friday, July 4, 2014

Whenever it suits you

You see every human being has their own interest in doing some. It is very rare that they will do something out of selflessness as it has no reward for them. And whenever it suits them, they will support something and if not will oppose it tooth and nail not know that other people already know why they are doing it. And as I was reading an article in an Arab newspaper, I was immediately stuck by what I said before. Saudi Arabia, the world biggest exporter of Oil and an extremely influential Muslim nation being the site of Islam's two holiest sites and America's number one ally in the Middle East has opposed any kind of foreign intervention in Iraq (read: Iran) but at the same time have called for intervention in Syria (we all know by now why). Saudi Arabia does not want a Shiite dominated government in Iraq and is opposing Iran because of it and on the other hand does not want an Iranian ally in Syria to rule the government there. Iran has the same problem as they don’t want their gains in Syria and Iraq to vanish and that is why both Iran and Saudi Arabia are battling it out in the other people countries. But even if the situation is the same in Iraq and Syria, the reaction is different because wherever it suits them, they are willing to go along with their interest rather than take a fair and rational view of the situation. Both are Muslim countries but instead of cooperating with each other, they are ready to battle it out. And this self interest permeates every living human being and I can say that it is rare when someone rises above their own self interest to help others or take a broader view of the situation.

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