Friday, July 4, 2014

The necessary evil of alarm clock

Everybody hates it when they put on the alarm but we all need it because we want to wake up at a certain time. Alarm clock are a necessary evil that we cannot do without unless we have the luxury to wake up anytime we want , go to school or fetch our kids from school anytime and go to work whenever we feel like at any time of day. Even in some of the movies that I have watched, the hero is always fighting with the alarm clock and sometimes throws it away across the room when it does not stop. It seems funny when you watch it but we all have our constant struggle with this devil. I usually put on alarm at least 40 minutes before the time I want to get up since it takes me time to recover from a forced wakeup. As with some of the people ( I believe most of the people) I am not a morning person but necessity demands (like going to work) that I have wake up at a certain time and alarm eases this somewhat otherwise I will always be late for work. Nowadays alarms come in different voices which try to lower the annoying volume of the usual alarm clock but some are too soothing to wake you and instead may let you go to sleep further. If you want to wake, a good and loud jolt of alarm is what you need. Even though I put my alarm 40 minutes before I decide to wake up, I will jump at a time where I cannot doze off any longer. I don’t know what people use to do when there were no alarm clocks but I would be a sleepyhead without one.

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