Friday, July 4, 2014

Battle for control

Ever since human beings came to this earth, they have always wanted to have some control over something. And this battle for control has not stopped but keeps on going something in friendly ways and sometimes not. The biggest battle for control is in your own home where sometimes nastiness can creep in when it times to decide who will hold the ultimate prize- the remote control to the television. When I use to watch television my dad always wanted to hold on to the remote while I was also in competition. And now with my own family as I watch very little TV, I still compete with my wife and daughter to get a hold on to the remote so that I can control what everybody will watch or increase or decrease the volume. I know it is a childish thing but everybody has a child in them and this is one of the times we do enjoy this battle. Another one is who is going to drive a car, but this one is easy as you or your spouse can only drive but if you have two kids able to drive besides you then it becomes a battleground. In the larger picture, you see every day in every sphere of life everybody is jockeying for position to take control of something that is valuable and can give you an advantage over your opponent. Especially in a war, the nation that gets control of some strategic area wants to keep it that way and has an advantage over enemy. As long as human beings are alive, this battle of control will always be fought, whether it is in house or in the battlefield.

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