Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why GM?

As everybody knows, GM (General Motors) of the United States was once the biggest producer of cars in the world, mostly by virtue of being in the biggest car market of the world, the United States. It was the king of the kings in terms of car production until it fell from that position during the great recession recently and had to get U.S. government bailout money. And it took some years before it got back on its feet and was going great until the recent recall of the millions of car for auto defects that has resulted in some deaths. News keep on coming out that GM knew about the problems for a long time but ignored for reasons known to them only. I have not had all the facts and the investigating is ongoing with U.S. Congress jumping into this issue. I am really speechless about this whole issue since I was planning sometime later to see if GM cars are good enough for my money. But now I am not so sure. To be fair every car company that I know of had car recall issues (see my article on Toyota recalls) and I still drive two Japanese branded cars and they did have recall issues too. But I am saying here is that GM was going great after repaying all the loans from the government. I don’t know what happened but it is not good news for them. They have again screwed up and have lost the chance to make good cars or if problems do occur, they fail to make proper and immediate attention to the problem.

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